Production Management


Our team involves some of New Zealand’s most passionate production professionals. We are totally obsessed with making shows happen. we work closely with our clients to design how they want their show to look and what experience they want to give the audience watching. We may be the new kids on the block, but we are fully dedicated to making shows happen because that’s our job (and our passion). From the first conversation to when the last truck is loaded on the bump out, we take care of it all.


Our team has experience touring throughout New Zealand and Internationally, so we have built a wealth of knowledge about venues and know what to expect. We also work well under pressure and in a timely manner because we know how critical timing is; we got our roots touring pubs and clubs where things happen unexpectedly and have always been able to resolve the issue.

We have built good relationships with lots of production supply companies throughout New Zealand and are able to provide to any requirements. We would love for you to come and have a coffee with us and have a chat about your needs for your event.